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Mr. Prosper Etokhana Amedu

Head Teacher, Upper Middle School
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Mr. Amedu Etokhana Prosper is the Head of the Upper Middle School Section of Hope Academy Schools.

He is result driven, highly spirited and a genuinely committed man to his duty at the Hope Academy Schools. His overriding passion is to see the timeless principles of the Bible made applicable to the renewal and total transformation of every pupil in his section thereby becoming earthly and heavenly useful.

He and his team of teachers at the Upper Middle School Section of Hope Academy Schools are completely out to bring up a new generation of young people (pupils) who can stand academically, spiritually, emotionally, socially, mentally, physically etc. ahead of their equals in other claimes.

He is blessed with a wife; Hope Prosper and four children (Faith, Best, Great and Mighty).

Mr. Prosper Etokhana Amedu